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Listening can be an aphrodisiac, both women and men make calls to hotline numbers, most of the time paying excessively high financial sums.

But… What is a hot line? This is a special telephone line. Dedicated to offering the service of erotic and sexual conversations in order to satisfy your deepest needs for pleasure. A different, reliable and accessible way to reach climax in times of social limitations.

Here we offer you a different way to satisfy your auditory sexual needs through various Audio Stories.

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Sex4lover.mx emerged from the CRE Erotic Stories Club (by his initials in Spanish) created in 1993 to become the main Hispanic site on the Internet about erotic stories, with thousands of texts organized by categories, with access and publication of the stories being completely free.

Here at Sex4lover.mx you will find many of those stories published by Monica, friends and followers of what the CRE was.

In this section Sex4lover.mx offers you erotic stories that you can read freely from whoever writes them, so we invite you to write your own erotic stories and since Sex4lover.mx has professional help we can provide you with advice and alternatives to the possible problems that you may encounter. are presented to you when you write them in order to give readers a pleasant time and sexual and erotic fantasy.

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All stories are considered fictitious and the facts reported therein have the same validity and consideration as facts reported or shown in traditional literature, TV, or cinema even when «based on real events,» etc. is specified. If you have any issues with a published story, you can contact us so we can review its content and edit or remove it if necessary.